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DriveBye Reviews

4th May 2018  (Yell Review)



Great experience with Stuart! Recently passed first time after learning with Stuart. Enjoyed the lessons and made real progress in each lesson. Stuart is great teacher and is happy to adapt his instruction to suit the in...dividual. Highly recommended! view moreview less  


30th Apr 2018 (Yell Review)



Amazing driver instructor! Couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor, passed first time with only 2 minors! I had 2 instructors before and found that Stu was the best by far. After struggling with the maneuv...ers with my old instructors, Stu made them really easy to understand. All my lessons were enjoyable and I can’t thank him enough. Would highly recommend! view moreview less  




24th Apr 2018 (Yell Review)



Choose Drive bye ! 10/10 the best driving instructor in Wakefield- and probably the whole of England- super funny, a great teacher and always calm and reassuring. I passed within 9 months and I would definitel...y recommend Stuart to anyone ! view moreview less  



21st Apr 2018 (Yell Review)



Excellent driving instructor I passed first time so that tells you everything. Reliable, informative gives you the confidence to drive and tries to pass you as soon as possible. Great driving instructor  


10th Mar 2018 (Yell Review)



1st time pass Stu was simply exceptional, I managed to achieve a first time pass with just under 30 hours of lessons. That shows that he gets the best out of his students. He's always flexible and tailors...the lessons to suit your own learning style. 100% recommend Stu if you want to not only pass quickly, but to pass well. Thanks again Stu view moreview less  


17th Feb 2018 (Yell Review)



Great instructor Stuart is a fantastic driving instructor. I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of taking lesson  


30th Jan 2018 (Yell Review)



Excellent Really patient, understanding and calm tutor. Reliable and easy to work with.  


09th Jan 2018 (Yell Review)



Excellent instructor Really good instructor ,sound guy. Really focused on improving your driving quickly and efficiently as possible would definitely recommend.  


04th Jan 2018 (Yell Review)



Couldn’t have picked a better instructor I started lessons with Stuart in March last year and passed my test first time yesterday(:

He is a calm and welcoming instructor who I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to lea...rn how to drive. You are put up to a new challenge almost every lesson, without feeling like you’re under pressure from him. We moved at a fairly quick pace, but one that I was comfortable with too. Couldn’t fault Stuart one bit, and thanks to him I’m now a legally, qualified driver! view moreview less  


17th Nov 2017 (Yell Review)



Excellent; highly recommend I started driving lessons (quite nervously having only ever been a passenger) with Stu in March this year and recently passed my driving test; cannot recommend Drivebye enough, friendly, pat...ient instructor, very helpful, instills confidence, explained everything really well, lots of tips along the way, have always felt comfortable and at ease and I feel confident enough to drive on my own with a full licence; thank you very much view moreview less  


08th Nov 2017 (Yell Review)



Excellent driving instructor Had an excellent experience learning to drive with Stuart. He was very patient and encouraging, whilst making sure all lessons challenged me. Stuart helped me progress very quickly, and buil...t up my confidence on the roads. I will definitely be recommending Stuart to my friends and anyone looking for an instructor. view moreview less  


20th Sep 2017 (Yell Review)



Brilliant teacher would recommend to anyone Fantastic instructor with a common sense ideology when It comes to roads. Friendly and very easy to get along with and with him I passed my practical in under a year.  


13rd Sep 2017 (Yell Review)



Amazing driving instructor After a bad experience with my first driving instructor I came to Stuart! This guy is so easy to get along with, easy to talk to, he builds you're confidence up so much! I'm actually going t...o miss having lessons with him. I would 100% recommend to everyone and anyone! view moreview less  


12nd Sep 2017 (Yell Review)



Cheers Stuart! Huge thank you to Stu for his amazing instruction prior to my driving test! Having had 2 other instructors before I can definitely recommend Stu - he was really clear and thorough, and very...encouraging! view moreview less  


19th Jun 2017 (Yell Review)



Would 100% recommend Stuart is a great driving instructor, a really friendly guy, he is very experienced and you can tell by how he teaches. Had some right laughs with him, would recommend him to anyone. Once ag...ain stu thanks for the first time pass with no minors view moreview less  


16th May 2017



Brilliant instructor! Highly recommended Started my lessons with Stuart roughly 7 months ago and today I passed with just 1 minor! Stuart is very patient and gives you the time you need to get things right. I'm so glad I chose Stua...rt as my instructor and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to pass their test quickly. view moreview less  


27th Apr 2017



Great driving instructor! Couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor! Stu was amazing with maneuvers and improving my driving! The lessons were always helpful with no time wasted and for a really fair price...too! I would highly recommend Stu Thomason for anyone looking to book driving lessons! view moreview less  


08th Apr 2017



Excellent driving instructor! Friendly, patient and supportive driving instructor would recommend to anyone of any driving level!  


07th Apr 2017



Fantastic! I couldn't ask for a better person to learn with, stuart was patient throughout the whole process. I passed for the first time after just 11 months of driving. Stuart is easy to get along wi...th and will try his hardest to accommodate where possible. I couldn't have done it without him, I would recommend Stuart not any learner. view moreview less  


10th Mar 2017



Passed First Time! I passed first time with Stuart just a week ago! Been learning for a year, and I had one lesson a week, it took me about 45 lessons. I found Stuart to be really friendly and easy to get alon...g with, he made lessons fly by. He was very patient with me! Thank you for your hard work and patience, I couldn't have done it without you! view moreview less  


24th Feb 2017



Excellent!! I have been learning with Stuart for around a year and passed my test first time yesterday!! I honestly couldn't of done it without all his help, time and support, I would definitely recomme...nd Stuart to other learners!!:-) view moreview less  


31st Jan 2017



Great instructor!! Stu was my instructor and he was great!


He was never late for any lesson and allowed me to change my pick up and drop off location from week to week without any complaint.


He m...ade me feel confident when I was driving. He is really friendly so learning with him wasn't awkward at all.


Most of all he helped me pass first time and if I can do it, anyone can.


I would defiantly recommend Stu to any learner! view moreview less  



12nd Jan 2017



Amazing Instructor! Stuart was my second instructor after an awful experience with someone else and I learnt more in my first lesson with him than I had in 5 with the other. So patient and calm even when I'd st...all at a busy junction. There was no question he didn't have the answer to and I felt completely at ease the whole way through my lessons. I've just passed my test and definitely wouldn't call myself a natural driver but he had so many specific techniques to make every manoeuvre seem simple. If you're nervous about starting lessons and doubt your ability to drive at all like I did. He's your guy!!! view moreview less  


04th Dec 2016



Fantastic! Really good instructor, very laid back and easy to get on with. Very reliable and if you need to miss a lesson for any reason he will try fit you in sometime else through that week. Couldn't...have asked for a better guy to get me through it! view moreview less  


Andrea Pattison (Google Review)

May 2016 - Just passed 1st time with Stu. He came recommended by a friend of mine. What can I say.... felt so comfortable with him from the off. Completely confident with him every single lesson. His attitude, mannerisms and jokes made the lessons ...MoreJust passed 1st time with Stu. He came recommended by a friend of mine. What can I say.... felt so comfortable with him from the off. Completely confident with him every single lesson. His attitude, mannerisms and jokes made the lessons fun and stress free. I cant rate or recommend Stu highly enough, his teaching methods are great and he has lots of useful tips to help you remember those awkward maneuvers. I look forward to doing my pass plus with him. Thanks :-)

AidenC-1 (Yell Review)

13 Sep 2016

Brilliant instructor!

Stuart is a very patient instructor and a great teacher. Easy to talk to and ask questions in a friendly learning environment. Very organised and dependable, plus he plans out every lesson making sure you cover everything you need for your practical test. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor. (I passed first time with only 1 minor).

ManpreetD-1 (Yell Review)

07 Jul 2016


High First Time Pass Rate! Passed First Time With A Really Friendly Instructor...��

MatthewG-44 (Yell Review)

27 Jun 2016

Driving lessons

I think that Stu is an outstanding driving instructor and he is a very calm and laid back guy who really knows how to make you feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.

KeriT-1 (Yell Review)

25 Jun 2016

Great driving instructor

If your looking for a chilled out, funny driving instructor then look no further! Stuart is very relaxed, which helps calms nervers when learning how to drive. He believed in me when I said I couldn't do something. He works around you which is great if you have a job. He has a great way of teaching skills. It didn't take me long to pass my driving test as I had 1 aha a half hour per week. I would recommend him to anyone. He is fantastic teacher.

StuartW-57 (Yell Review)

14 Jun 2016

Stuart wiltshire

I got Stuart's no of a friend at work . I'm glad I did . He's a friendly , genuine man and a great instructor. He got me me passed my 1st time quite easily. Well recommended . Cheers stu .

BridgetM-5 (Yell Review)

26 May 2016

Best around

After trying different driving instructors Stuart is definitely the best instructor around! Very patient and considerate, I was a very nervous learner and Stuart was amazing at calming me down. He adapts his technique and approach depending on his student to make sure that you get the most out of your lessons. Couldn't ask for more and I can not thank you enough Stuart.

Andrea Pattison (Google Review)

May 2016 - Just passed 1st time with Stu. He came recommended by a friend of mine. What can I say.... felt so comfortable with him from the off. Completely confident with him every single lesson. His attitude, mannerisms and jokes made the lessons ...MoreJust passed 1st time with Stu. He came recommended by a friend of mine. What can I say.... felt so comfortable with him from the off. Completely confident with him every single lesson. His attitude, mannerisms and jokes made the lessons fun and stress free. I cant rate or recommend Stu highly enough, his teaching methods are great and he has lots of useful tips to help you remember those awkward maneuvers. I look forward to doing my pass plus with him. Thanks :-)

Bradley Speight (Google Review)

April 2016 - Amazing instructor would highly recommend to anyone that is looking to start learning to drive. passed first time 14/04/2016 ☺

CharlotteL-2 (Yell Review)

14 Apr 2016

5 Stars

Stuart is an amazing instructor, I went with him after a really bad experience with a previous instructor and he regained my confidence and made me believe I can drive - he's such a laugh and has lots of patience and makes driving lessons really fun and enjoyable. His teaching style makes things easy to understand in difficult situations on the road, I couldn't believe how quickly I progressed with my driving with Stuart, I went from having panic attacks behind the wheel with my previous instructor to going with him and passing first time with 4 minors. Cant recommend him enough, 5 stars

JenniferT-5 (Yell Review)

12 Apr 2016

Guaranteed success!

Drivebye is a fantastic service and I would recommend it to all budding learners! Stuart is a calm, patient and supportive instructor! He is keen to help you pass and won't stop trying to make that happen! I have enjoyed my year of learning with Stuart and appreciate all the help he has given me along the way!

BenW-45 (Yell Review)

30 Mar 2016

Excellent instructor!!

Passed my driving test today due to Stuart. Excellent instructor and would definitely recommend him to anyone that is learning to drive!

HayleyW-14 (Yell Review)

27 Mar 2016

Brilliant Instructor

Amazing instructor, very flexible to my needs and was welcoming when I was nervous, would definitely recommend x

DemiM-2 (Yell Review)

12 Mar 2016


Absolute fabulous driving instructor!! 10/10!!

JinY (Yell Review)

03 Mar 2016

Excellent driving instructor

Had around 30 lessons with Stu, he is amazing at teaching and is patient with any mistakes you make. I passed first time and couldn't have done it without him.

JMiree (Yell Review)

04 Dec 2015

Stuart at Drivebye - Best Instructor Ever!

I had been learning to drive with Stuart since January when I turned 17. Just a few weeks ago I passed my test first time! Stuart is the loveliest man, he will be calm and patient with you and will always make sure you 100% understand something before progressing; he drives a lush green fiesta which was also a bonus! He doesn't criticise and will teach you in a way that makes you feel like you can do so much better if you get something wrong, as you build up high hopes for yourself. He motivated me with positive comments and after taking 2-3 mock tests I was fully ready for my test, just 10 months after sitting in the drivers seat for the first time. His lessons are completely affordable and the quality of his instructing is immaculate. He will always have available space for you each week and if you're of any age range and are wanting to learn how to drive quickly, then at £21+ an hour you really can't go wrong. Thank you so much for your time and effort Stu, you were amazing and I'm so happy that I can now drive anywhere I'd like to!

Nikki Brooke (Google Review)

Nov 15 -On 17/11/15 I passed my test first time with no minors! I highly recommend Stuart to anyone he is a fantastic instructor! My confidence had be knocked due to being involved in a car accident but Stuart was calm and reassuring and soon built my confidence up! Cannot recommend enough! thank you for everything Stuart

charlotte_razaq (Yell Review)

17 Nov 2015

Excellent Driving Instructor

Highly recommend for all needing lessons! From first learners to people who have had a break in taking lessons. A patient instructor with great techniques to help not only in your lessons and on your test but when you pass you will find they are easy to apply to your everyday driving.
Great prices and a genuinely lovely friendly instructor!!

24 Oct 2015 (Yell Review)

Definitely recommend

Excellent instructor, very calm and patient. Never made me feel like I was stupid even after I failed my first test. He explained everything fully before I tried it and if I got it wrong he'd go through it again, making sure that I understand. When I went for my test again (yesterday) I felt much calmer and more confident and I passed with only four minors. I would recommend to Stuart to anybody.

Dobbo93 (Yell Review)

15 Oct 2015

Driving instructor

Brilliant driving instructor very calm and down to earth, easy to get on with and has a very successful pass rate i passed first time with stewart as he only puts people in for their test when he knows they are ready and is very patient with pupils. Thanks very much for helping me pass my test first time stewart.

Olivia23 (Yell Review)

23 Sep 2015

Highly Recommend Stuart

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I would highly recommend Stuart to any learner! Whether you are a new learner or looking for another instructor, as I was, he is fantastic! I joined Stuart after being with another instructor for over a year, however he was very adaptable and made the transition easy by not trying to change everything I'd already learnt. Very patient and easy to talk to! Two of my best friends went with Stuart and both agree with how good he is. The Ford Fiesta is a great car to learn in and up to date. In my opinion one of the best instructors!

18/08/2015 by Ben883  (Yell Review)

I passed my driving test at the first attempt last Tuesday – Stuart was my instructor. I got one minor during my test – a lesser man might hold that against Stuart, but not me (I’m told that particular examiner is a little hard to please…..)

In all seriousness, I would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to other learners – the lessons were always structured, but light-hearted – there is a plan to helping you pass. He’s no taskmaster, but don’t think for a moment you will get away with not doing that mirror check! Questions could be asked about anything and everything – I have an appalling memory but Stuart wouldn’t complain, even when I asked him which pedal was the clutch for the 40th time…… Manoeuvres could be practiced again and again without hesitation – practice makes perfect! I have no idea how he’s not banned from Cineworld’s car park though. He tries to be flexible with his timings to fit you in…..he even told me his prices are quite good when compared to others.

I really enjoyed my lessons with Stuart – we had some good chats whilst learning – and I even think I might miss them a little bit. If you’re in the Wakefield area though – choose Stu – you won’t go far wrong.

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25/06/2015 by
elliecampey97 (Yell Review)

Stuart is a very friendly driving instructor. Makes you feel comfortable and is very patient. I managed to pass 1st time and would recommend stuart to anybody.

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27/05/2015 by
gazperkins (Yell Review)

Stuart is a great instructor, very easy to get on with and will go out of his way to help you pass your test, I was a very nervous driver but with stuarts help and knowledge of the road i managed to pass 2nd time, i simply couldnt have done it without him and i would recommend him to anyone, thanks stu

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09/04/2015 by
Matt12345678 (Yell Review)

Great instructor and a great guy, helped me pass first time. I would highly recommend to anyone.

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24/02/2015 by
hargreaves95 (Yell Review)

quality instructor and highly recommended to anyone. helped me no matter what since day 1 and has helped my finally passed my test

22/01/2015 by SeanGo (Yell Review)

I had been considering learning to drive for the last 3 years or so during which time a close friend learned with Stuart. Seeing how her confidence went from absolute novice to feeling comfortable on the road within a matter of weeks, I knew I had found the instructor I wanted to learn with. Stuart did not disappoint. From my first terrified lesson right up to my test he was patient, unflappable (god knows I gave him cause to!) and a really insightful teacher. I found it fascinating how he could analyse the mistakes I made and show me solutions to what, with another instructor, might well have become 'bad habits'. Stuart has excellent teaching methods and will take things at your pace, without pressuring you or dwelling on things you have done wrong. He explained all the manoeuvres in a succinct and common sense way that helped me to understand what I needed to do and why, and knew instinctively where I was going wrong and how to correct it. I felt he was very reasonably priced and didn't hesitate to put me in for a test when he felt I was ready. The car is a dream, incredibly responsive and lovingly maintained, I've not seen a better instructor's car on the road. As a person Stuart is fantastic, honestly one of the nicest guys you will have ever met, very funny with lots of stories and a really interesting character, he made learning fun to put it simply. It soon becomes apparent that Stuart puts a hell of a lot of work in behind the scenes, researching test routes, new developments and legislation etc, and you feel instantly that you aren't going to be caught unawares with anything new or out of the ordinary. Personally I am not great at learning practical things, particularly where I have to multi-task and multi-think. To get someone like me from utter novice to test readiness in around 30 lessons shows just how good he is, I was certainly expecting the whole thing to take much longer. To summarise, an absolutely faultless learning experience, that not only showed me how to pass a test but also a much more comprehensive 'how to drive' in general and gave a glimpse of the freedom and joy of driving. I would recommend Stuart in a heartbeat, and I know that there is no way that with another instructor I would be sat here looking at a pass certificate in such a short time.

20/01/2015 by Clauds (Yell Review)

So this was my second instructor and having been with Stuart for only a few months I passed first time! Really genuine instructor that wants to help you achieve your goal. I would recommend him to anyone !

08/01/2015 by TanniaHoyte  (Yell Review)

From my first lesson I was made to feel at ease and comfortable by Stuart. He made my lessons relaxed and enjoyable. I really enjoyed the process of learning to drive and I solely put that down to a fantastic instructor. Thankyou

07/01/2015 by Alicemilner  (Yell  Review)

Best decision I made. Great and friendly instructor, would highly recommended

Tyler Smith

Reviewed Nov 2014 (google review)

Great instructor! Easy to understand by using great techniques, passed first time with under 30 hours. Makes you feel at ease and moves at your pace! Highly recommended

AJ Hussain

Reviewed Nov 2014 (google review)

A professional and friendly driving instructor. He made me feel comfortable as a learner and made sure I was competent before applying for my test. Always made sure that I was learning at my own pace and never pushed me too far out of my capability. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive.

Kelly Spencer

reviewed Aug 2014

Excellent driving instructor, passed first time, would recommend Stuart to anybody that's wanting to take driving lessons.

Naomi Hignett

reviewed Aug 2014 (google review)

Fantastic instructor. As a nervous driver, Stu put me completely at ease and I managed to pass first time! Highly recommended!!! Thank you so much Stu!!!

Joshua Percival

reviewed June 2014 (google review)

Really good driving instructor, Stuart is very easy to get along with, puts you at ease from the moment you get in the car. He explains everything really well, the techniques that he uses makes it really easy to learn all the manoeuvres. I would recommend him to anyone.

Danny Naylor

reviewed May 2014 (google review)

Great driving instructor! Passed my driving test first time with under 30 hour training. Highly recommendable to anyone as he has great techniques of teaching you to drive. Stuart made me feel comfortable and confident on the road, not pushing me beyond my capability. Great person to learn with as he has a reasonable price and high pass rate!

11/04/2014 by Jleedacowling  (Yell Review)

Stuart is a brilliant driving instructor. He offers all the training and help needed to make you a good a confident driver. He's easy to talk to, Easy to get along with. And a really nice guy. I would recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive.

13/03/2014 by Shannon05

Would definitely recommend stu, he is very calm and understanding. very supportive throughout the lessons. He covers all aspects of driving and is professional! If I had to do it all again I would still choose stu. Brilliant driving instructor! So thankful for his help!

19/02/2014 by aster9

Started learning when I was 17, now 18 and recently passed. I would recommend Stuart to anybody looking for a great driving instructor. Very calm and understanding, felt safe and comfortable throughout my experience learning how to drive. If I had to go through the process again I would still choose this instructor due to how reassured I felt. Fantastic, structured lessons covering all of my queries. 5/5!

19/02/2014 by JacobCroft

I started with stu after being with Bill Plant for what seemed like years. Stu put me at ease in the car and this made the lessons alot more enjoyable. Stu put me in for my test when he thought I was ready, i then passed the test first time with only 3 minors! Would reccomend to anyone for a good, local driving instructor.

05/02/2014 by jasmyn123

Passed first time under 40 hours. Lessons were relaxed but also professional. Great instructor, explained everything clearly.. would defiantly recommend to family and friends.

04/02/2014 by Josh96

Best Instructor in the business. Every lesson I had with Stu was enjoyable. Continues support throughout the whole experience, for both the practical and theory side of driving. All the lessons were planned on what he believes you need to work on, and still takes into account what you want to work on. All this meant I passed first time round with no problems. I highly recommend Stu, 5/5

16/01/2014 by KateAngus

Brilliant instructor, explains everything clearly and let's you know how well you're doing, doesn't push you to take a test but books it when he knows you are ready. I passed first time with around 45 hours of driving lessons and definitely felt it was worth the extra hours because I was able to improve. Uses mock tests to help you see where you are driving-wise which is really good because I could see from them if I was ready for the test or not. 5/5 stars, would definitely recommend this instructor!!

20/09/2013 by Chez93

I really enjoyed doing my lessons with stu as he supported me with everything! My theory took me 5 times but stu supported me and i asked him questions which he was willin to answer. It was a pleasure to do my lessons with him. Stu fit lessons around my working hours and was willing to do weekends! Fantistic instructor !!! Thank you very much!

06/08/2013 by ClaireNa

DriveBye is a driving instructor business which you can put your trust in and it goes without saying Stuart Thomason is an instructor that not only is reliable, flexible and has a good knowledge about the subject, he teaches you to do one of the toughest skills to acquire, with such ease and minimal stress. Stuart is a skilled instructor which is reflected in his successful pass rates and his glowing recommendations. I had various instructors from various companies and it wasn't until DriveBye did I become confident behind the wheel and pass 1st time with 2 minors. Stuart is one of the best, and your money and time will be both worth it.

06/08/2013 by Teece14

Passed second time(should have been first!)stu asoon as possible gets you driving.always is in contact so you know when and where your lessons are and going to be picked up from.always great banter on our lessons but always professional and getting something out of every lesson.i have will continue to recommend stu to family and friends.

06/08/2013 by wyang123

Being nervous on the very first lesson, to a confident driver with no worries whatsoever. Stu will plan his lessons according to what he thinks you need to work on, so no need to worry about anything. Stu is able to answer all questions ensuring that you finish the lesson feeling confident. Prices are good, and a lesson tracker is used so that you are fully aware of what you have done, and what needs doing so it gives you a clear indication of what you need to work on. Stu is very patient especially with new drivers as they tend to be very scared, and he will answer any questions no matter how many times you have asked it! Also, Stu provides you with a mock test which enables you to see what you would get in a real test, however it is only a practice. Look no further, and call Stu for a lesson! Would definitely recommend!