Learn to Drive with us and say Bye to the bus!

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The Driving Test

Show Me, Tell Me

The most obvious thing you need to know is how to drive!  However apart from the obvious practical part you will also need to learn some aspects of driving theory such as the The Highway Code . This will be used to pass your Theory Test which you must pass before you can book your practical driving test (further information available on my Driving Theory Test page).  

Once you have passed this we will have a discussion about whether you (and I) feel you are ready for your practical test. This normally consists of me performing a mock test with you to show you your readiness. Once you are ready you can you can click on this link to Book Your Practical Driving Test on the Official .Gov Website.


What do I need to know before I can book my Test?

There are 5 parts to the driving test and you will drive for about 40 mins.

  1. an eyesight check
  2. ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions
  3. general driving ability
  4. reversing your vehicle
  5. independent driving

Further details can be found by clicking on the links on the left


Whilst the majority of my students do their tests at the Wakefield test centre, I also do tests at Leeds, Pontfract and Horsforth.  Should you wish to test at another centre, please let me know and we can dicsuss.

What test centres does DriveBye cover?

The eyesight check is done to ensure you can see sufficiently to be able to drive. You will be asked to read a number plate that is 20 meters away (20.5 for old style number plates).   If you cannot read the number plate you will not be able to take your test.  (However I will have already checked this with you on your first lesson so this shouldn’t be an issue if you have learnt with me)

The eyesight check